Diversity Lottery 2016 has begun

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Every year the US government conducts a lottery offering permanent resident status to 50,000 individuals from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States. The program is known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program and applications are accepted every year in October. The program is commonly referred to as the DV lottery in the immigration community. The State Department has announced that it will accept applications for the Diversity Visa program from October 1, 2014 to November 3, 2014.

Criteria to qualify

There are a few eligibility criteria for the DV lottery including:

1. You must be born in a country that qualifies for the DV lottery (The US State Department publishes this list every year); or your spouse was born in an eligible country; or in some cases you may be able to claim the country of birth of your parents if neither was born in an ineligible country and did not legally reside in the ineligible country that you were born in (i.e. diplomat parents).

2. You have a high school education or its equivalent; or you have two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation requiring at least two years of training experience to perform.

You do not qualify if you are from these countries

You do not qualify if you are a native of any of the following countries:

Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

These countries are excluded because they had more than 50,000 natives immigrate to the United States in the previous five years.

Suggestions from the State Department

The State Department suggests that qualified applicants apply early. The application can only be submitted online and the lottery site has been known to crash or have slow response times in the past. Only one online entry is permitted per person. You will be disqualified if you submit multiple entries. If you qualify for the DV lottery you can submit your application online at www.dvlottery.state.gov.

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