EB-1-2 Outstanding Professors and Researchers

EB 1-2 Outstanding Professors and Researchers Visa

EB-1-2 Visa

Outstanding professor and researcher petitions may be filed by United States employers on behalf of professors and researchers who are outstanding in an academic field.

How to qualify for a green card through the Outstanding Professors and Researchers category:

In order to qualify for a green card through the Outstanding Professors and Researchers category you must provide evidence of at least two of the following:

1.  Documentation of receipt of major prizes or awards for outstanding achievement in your academic field;

2.  Documentation of your membership in associations in your field which require outstanding achievements of their members;

3.  Published material in professional publications written by others about your academic work;

4.  Evidence of your participation as the judge of work of others in your field or allied field;

5.  Evidence of original scientific or scholarly research contributions in your field;

6.  Evidence of authorship of scholarly books or articles in your field;

In addition to the above, you must also have at least three years of teaching and/or research experience in your field and have an offer of employment from:

1.  A United States university or institution of higher learning offering a tenure-track teaching position or a permanent research position;

2.  A private employer offering a permanent research position.  The private employer must also currently employ at least three persons full-time in research positions and must have achieved documented accomplishments in an academic field.

PERM labor certification not required:

A PERM labor certification is not required for the Outstanding Professors and Researchers category.

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